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Avenging Angel (Steam ключ) Region Free  

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Название: Avenging Angel
Жанр: Экшены, Приключенческие игры, Ролевые игры, Ранний доступ
Разработчик: Dark Amber Softworks
Издатель: Dark Amber Softworks
Дата выхода: 1 июн, 2015

Avenging Angel is a story-driven FPS/Adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic steam-powered world.

The story takes place in Northern City States, in a post-apocalyptic steampunk setting, roughly 10000 years from our current day and age, where 21st Century has not only passed from history to legend, but also from legend into myth. You are an Associate of the Inventors Guild, a freelancer/adventurer, dropped on an island in the Atlantic Ocean on a routine maintenance job. As you venture through the island, it becomes clear that there is nothing remotely routine about this mission as you are pulled into the web of personal, international, as well as metaphysical, conflict and conspiracy. Decipher forbidden history, learn about forgotten tragedy, and in the end, learn something about yourself.

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